WordPress, Our Seminars, and we love Hostgator

Our roundup of online marketing news and upcoming events to help build your business.

WordPress Classes – Earlier this week we announced that we are working on our curriculum for our upcoming WordPress classes. If you have not done so please share this information with your friends and other small businesses in the Oklahoma City metro area. We are still ironing out the exact locations and dates. . Visit out Online Marketing Seminars page to see what other classes we have coming up.

Online Seminars – We are also considering offering some live training seminars via GotoMeeting. These seminar would cover various topics such as : WordPress Overview, SEO 101, Social Media : What you need to get started. If you have an interest in attending an online seminar by Focus please contact us and let us know the topics you would like to see covered and what the best dates/times would be. You get the ease of sitting at your computer and the joy of picking our brains. Great combination.

Get Your Website Today – If you know anybody who still does not have a website up and running please remind them about our website hosting recommendation – Hostgator.  When you signup through us and use our ‘allaboutfocus‘ coupon code you end up getting your hosting for pennies a month. This is becoming a very popular option for those on a calorie-restricted financial budget. In this plan we install wordpress and help you get a free theme up and running ASAP. We take care of our customers very fast – meaning if you took action from reading this sentence you could have your own site running on your own domain in less than 120 minutes. Stop using those gmail.com and cox.net addresses and start looking more professional today.

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