Video: Patrick Allmond chats with Lyn Hester at KSBI

I was lucky enough to be invited to KSBI – a local television station here in Oklahoma City – to talk about social marketing with the host Lyn Hester. It was a live show so I had all kinds of chances to screw it up 🙂 The session went well and that day I was invited back to be a regular contributor by the host and the producer. Tuesday I received an email from the host asking me to come back this Thursday and be a co-host for the full hour of the show. I don’t know what I did (maybe it was the purple shirt) but I need to find that mojo and use it more often.

We talked about social media using the most basic of terms. My goal was to get the audience to under the important of the interaction and how easy it is with the tools we have. On the future sessions that I visit I am going to start breaking down the full circle of marketing more for the audience. The sound is not the best but if you turn it up you can hear it just fine. Many thanks (and please follow) @Allographics for operating the Flip Cam (which is now considered a ‘classic’ camera).

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[ There is a high quality version on, but it may not be there forever ]