How To Submit a New Apple iTunes Podcast

A lot of people talk about how they want to have an iTunes Podcast. The ideas of being able to host your own radio show out of office is pretty exciting. You get to make the rules. And you get to pick the format and the guests. You can record it any time, and it can be listened to by millions of people all over the worlds.

As great as this concept is, a lot people decide to throw in the towel once they start looking into it. The steps that you need to take to get a podcast up and running are pretty daunting. This is a shame because podcasting is easy once you get into the regular habit of doing it. I’ve set up several podcasts for myself and clients, and I think I have the process down pretty good. Now it’s time for you to set up yours.

I’ve added a new post to our marketing forums. Please read this, take action to set yours up, and then share this post with a few friends. Let’s make you famous around the world

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