Pheed Social Network – 5 Reasons Why I Love It

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Check out the Pheed Social Network

Check out the Pheed Social Network

Pheed Social Network – My quick review

Awhile back I was introduced to the Pheed Social network. As soon as I joined I noticed there were things that jumped out at me that made me fall in love with it. While it is not as popular as other social networks out there right now (nothing new is), I think it has the potential to blow up as people get tired of the basics of Twitter and want more.

Five Reasons Why I Love the Pheed Social Network (and so should you):

  1. 420 Character updates. Yes! I know why Twitter has 140 characters. But man it is annoying. (What is even more annoying is people that say “Twitter makes you a better writer”). But forget that on the Pheed Social Network. They give you enough space to write a whole paragraph. Thank you Pheed for adding that.
  2. Monetization from Day One – As you browse around Pheed you will see that they have built-in monetization from day one. They know they need to make money, and they are not shy about it. The other social networks are bombarding us with advertising to pay their bills and we have no choice. I get it. But I’d also be down for paying for great content. Pheed has put the tools in place to allow me to do this. Thank you Pheed for adding that.
  3. Built in video broadcasting – Just wow on this one. It is part of their monetization package. But you can broadcast live or scheduled video right in your Pheed stream for your followers to watch. Thank you Pheed for adding that.
  4. Audio Only Updates – Who else has this – seriously? You can record a quick audio file and post it, or you can upload prerecorded content. This is great for me because I’d rather talk (being a professional public speaker and all) than type. Thank you Pheed for adding that.
  5. You can vote DOWN content – Every social network has the ability to give a virtual “approval” of a piece of content. Whether you like, favorite, add to list, etc. we have ways of showing our approval for every piece of content. It has always surprised me that there has never been a way to vote DOWN content – until now. The Pheed Social Network has an “I don’t love” button right next to the “I Love” button. All content in the world is not great. Some of it is wrong, and some of it is pointless. Thank you Pheed for adding that feature.

Watch the video below and Join me over on Pheed.

Check out my interview on KSBI TV about the Pheed Social Network:

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