Video: How to Install WordPress in Five Minutes

You still don’t have a website up for your business? Today we are going to fix that.

If you have ever wanted to know how to install WordPress but were afraid it would be too technical or complicated for you then today is your lucky day. I made a quick five minute video that will get your WordPress website up and running before you can finish that next cup of coffee. If this is still too complicated and you’d like us to install WordPress for you then follow the instructions in the video to sign up for a new hosting account. You must use the link for Once you have completed your hosting sign up, email your new hosting instruction support at Within 24 hours will take care of all of the steps needed from our “How to install wordpress” video. But don’t waste any more time NOT having website. Watch the video, install WordPress, and start down your path to online marketing bliss.

Here are the steps you need to get your first website up and running

  1. Determine your time and financial budget that you are willing to allocate to getting your website up and running. After you read all of this you will have the resources you need to get started. But for the long-term you may want to have someone in your staff manage your web content and design elements.
  2. Take a few minutes and think about the domain names ( that you might like to have. The domain name is the gateway to your site. It will be on all of your advertising and it will be where you get your email. If your business is regions consider having the city or state as part of your domain name. Come up with several ideas, and then pick one and commit to it. Do not buy several thinking you might change later. Try to keep it as short as possible. Think of easy phrases for people to remember when deciding your domain name. Can your potential client say it and remember it easily? Example: An Oklahoma City plumber is trying to come up with domain ideas. Good options:,,,, Bad Options: (too long).
  3. Make sure you have your wallet handy to buy the $12 domain name and inexpensive monthly hosting
  4. Visit GetYourWebsiteToday
  5. Select the option to order new hosting. Select the main option at the top to get started. Sometimes it is also called “Order Shared Web Hosting”
  6. Use their order wizard which will guide you through the ordering and payment process.
  7. Once your order is complete you will receive an email that has the details for your new hosting account. It should have your domain login information and password. DO NOT LOSE THIS.
  8. Log in using the information in your welcome email
  9. Watch the video below
  10. Enjoy your new website

Enjoy and share it around if it is useful.