Google Plus Training: 12 Things in 30 Seconds

Have you been looking for REAL Google Plus Training that you trust?

I must have signed up for Google Plus when they first announced a beta because I’ve never received an invite but I’ve used it since day one. For those of you that don’t have it, and for those of you that just received your invite here is what you need to know about Google Plus:
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Google Plus Training with Patrick Allmond

Google Plus with Patrick Allmond

  1. It is the prettiest new toy on the block that has the chance to be a huge distraction for you. If you don’t have it don’t fret. All it means is you have more time in your schedule than I do.
  2. There is nothing amazing or revolutionary about Google Plus. It has cool features. Just like the tools you are using now. But nothing will knock your socks off.
  3. Google Plus has the ability to segment groups of people and conversations into circles. Pretty nice way to avoid the stream of consciousness overflow you get with Twitter and Facebook.
  4. You drag and drop people into Circles on Google Plus. Cool.
  5. The most recent conversation is not always at the top of your list of conversations in Google Plus. Google Wave was the same way. Ugh.
  6. That +1 button is all over the place. This will be huge for Google search results later. Trust me.
  7. You can create spontaneous hangouts in Google Plus which are camera and voice chats with people and circles.
  8. There are no ads on Google Plus yet and nothing indicating payment or subscription plans. Either this will be a loss leader for Google or the ads are coming. I’m betting the ads are coming.
  9. For the Marketers out there: You will still have to use the same conversational tone you use now in your attempts to monetize the network.
  10. You can upload videos and photos.
  11. You have to have a Google account to use Google Plus. You do not have to have a Gmail account.
  12. This is not a Facebook Killer or a Twitter Killer. It is great to use because it is new, and all of us are getting bored with the existing social networking tools.

That is Google Plus in nutshell. Looks great but it is not going to affect the world with any amazing feature as of today. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Update: I read an update today that said the invitations are wide open now on Google Plus. If you have one or need one leave a comment below.

Update Number Two: The Google realtime Twitter search deal has ended. Twitter real time scrolling results will no longer show in your Google feed. Guess where the real time search results are going to come from? I’d bet money on Google Plus. Brilliant timing on their part.

Hopefully this post answers these top questions we get about Google Plus:

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“do you need a gmail account for google plus”

“do you need gmail for google plus”

“do you need gmail to use google plus”

“cool things to do with google plus”

“do you have to have gmail to use google plus”

“do you need a gmail account to use google plus”

“google plus training”



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