Infusionsoft: What it means to me and what it means to you

Once upon a time there was a young man who had an idea. He believed that he knew a plethora of information about the world of marketing. He had a product to sell, and he knew there was a great demand for his product. He knew all of the cool marketing acronyms (AIDA, CAB, etc). He knew that it was even possible to sell his product online 24 hours a day 7 days a week. But the one thing he didn’t know what how to get his message to the world without becoming some kind of “Online Marketing Supergeek”. The online marketing terms like “Email Marketing” and “Marketing Automation” had crossed his eyes in various Google searches before, but these might as well have been Latin to him. It all seemed so complicated and time consuming, and it would take 15 different tools to get everything done that he needed as well as thousands of dollars a month. There had to be a better way.

One day he made a decision that would forever change his life. He signed up for a free report from a company called Infusionsoft. This was the beginning of his transformation. Between the online lessons and coaching he learned how to put his business on auto-pilot. Instead of using 15 tools to get the job done he was using

And then he attended Infusioncon 2012. And instead of learning on his own in his mother’s basement, he was exposed to hundreds of amazing marketing minds. For three days he lived and breathed online marketing automation. These were “his people”. These people were small business owners just like him. They knew about his challenges. And they knew how to change the world with this tool called Infusionsoft.

This guy is me, and this is what I am hoping to get out of Infusioncon 2012. I know the basics about Infusionsoft, but I know there is so much that I don’t know. Sitting by myself in front of my own computer there is only so much that I can learn. I need to be exposed to others with more, less, and different experience with Infusionsoft to continue my growth.

I am headed to Infusioncon 2012 to grow my business and my life. Are you?

— End Official Blog Post –

(P.S. I wrote the blog post above as part of contest to attend Infusioncon 2012. If you have no idea what this is, or know nothing about Infusionsoft you need to get one of their free reports today. This will revolutionize your online marketing and your perspective about how products are sold online. My name is Patrick Allmond, I am an Infusionsoft Affiliate (which means I get compensated if you sign up), and I approve this message which, you have to admit, kinda rocks.)

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