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The Purchase Funnel

What are marketing funnels?

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What are funnels?

In the online marketing world, a funnel is the process of finding the perfect people who have a pain point that you can solve and presenting a solution to that funneled audience. A funnel involves reaching out to large number of people, filtering them down to the ones who have a high interest and desire for what you provide, and directing them to a place where they can purchase your products or services. A well-planned marketing funnel guides people to the right solution they need at the right time. Online marketing funnels allow you the find qualified prospects 24 hours a day from around the world.

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Five Ridiculous Ways You Are Overthinking Your Online Marketing

When people call us for social media help we do a detailed analysis of several KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in the their marketing world. They are often suprised to see what we measure is not what they were looking at before they called. Some examples are.

  1. Wringing your hands over the exact number of followers you have and getting excited when you get a new one.
  2. How well do you rank in Google?
  3. How many visitors came to the home page of your website?
  4. How many new blog posts did you write last week?
  5. How many Facebook updates did you do this week?

We have a proprietary system where measure and rank over 50 online marketing factors. The ones mentioned below are on our list to review, but we do so as a last resort and definitely as low priority tasks.

What should you be measuring instead?

  1. Is your interaction growing week over week? This is easy to see in a heartbeat when things are red or green. Don’t worry about the precise numbers.
  2. How much traffic are you getting from social media to your blog pages ?
  3. After people leave social media how long are they staying on your website?
  4. How much traffic is coming to your landing pages from social media? (Please tell me you have targeted landing pages)
  5. Is your paid social media campaign targeting the right audience?

If you’ve got questions about how to measure any of these, give us a call at 405 548 5185. We’ll put you on the right track to social media bliss.

Build a Winning Brand People Can Trust

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People will buy from you if they trust you. And one excellent way to build trust with clients and prospects is to educate and entertain them through an informative, routinely updated blog. That’s just one of the many new-age marketing and sales strategies that Patrick Allmond shared at the ASI Show Dallas during his education session, “Your 24/7 Presence: Hot Digital & Mobile Branding Ideas.”

Creator of the popular “Own Your Empire” marketing system, Allmond told a packed room of industry pros that a blog replete with articles, videos and podcasts on topics like product trends can establish an online persona that presents you as a reliable expert, giving you an edge on competitors. “Strive to be the most educational company in your niche,” said Allmond, who frequently comments on FOX, NBC, ABC and CBS news affiliates.

Of course, Allmond’s session was about a lot more than blogging. He delivered an array of insights about how promotional product companies can establish a brand that suits them and attracts the kind of customers with whom they want to work. Part of this included explaining how colors are tied to certain emotions (blue equates to strength and dependability, for example) and how picking logo colors that convey the characteristics you want to emphasize is wise.

While having the right logo and graphic messaging is paramount, branding is about more than just those things, said Allmond: “A brand is everything you do that sets you apart – your products, services, your story – how you present yourself and your company” in person and online.

To build the right brand, Allmond advised distributors to create a “branding document” that spells out what makes them unique. Communicating this brand persona through everything from online videos and the “about us” section on a website to in-person elevator pitches, sales presentations and, of course, a logo and graphic messaging is a powerful way to stand out from the crowd and attract ideal customers. “Think about the kind of experience you want to offer clients and convey that through your brand,” said Allmond.

Fall Website 10-step Checkup time

Fall Website 10-step Checkup time: When was the last time you went to your website and checked for:

  1. Mobile-friendliness
  2. Simplicity of choices
  3. Call-to-action on every page telling the visitor what to do next.
  4. Speed
  5. Links to all of your social media properties
  6. A list of upcoming events or training to demonstrate expertise
  7. Analytics to measure your most popular pages
  8. Backups in case you get hacked. (Because you will.)
  9. Easy to find LARGE phone number and contact form
  10. Domain ownership. Be sure YOU are the one that owns and controls your domain. Not your webmaster. Not your designer. Not your social media expert. YOU!!

If you are unsure about what to do about any of these use our contact form or call us at 405 548 5185.

How To Get More Likes And Shares On Every Social Media Site

The absolute best way of getting your content liked and shared all over social is to…

Produce wisdom and products that are so good, they are worthy of being liked and shared.

I see a lot of people today worrying about how to make something “share worthy” or how to make it “go viral”. Stop. Please just stop it. If you’ll look at most of the content that gets liked/shared, it is never asking to get shared. Spend  time creating things of such high quality that people have no choice but to think “the rest of the world (i.e. my friend list) needs to know about this”.

Video: Facebook Messenger Privacy App Update

Are you concerned about your privacy on Facebook with their new required messenger app?

In 2014 we are gladly willing to give up some privacy for free apps and features.

[text_output]With the latest update of the Facebook app for mobile devices, users are now being required to download a different app if they want to retain the ability to private message their friends. Our owner Patrick Allmond headed over to the local Fox TV affiliate to discuss the impact and whether or not people should be concerned about their privacy. Watch the video on the right and share it with your friends on social media.

Here is a link to the original Fox 25 story.

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