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How To Get More Likes And Shares On Every Social Media Site

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The absolute best way of getting your content liked and shared all over social is to... Produce wisdom and products that are so good, they are worthy of being liked and shared. I see a lot of people today worrying about how to make something "share worthy" or how to make it "go viral". Stop. [...]

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The 10 Irrefutable Laws of “Owning Your Empire”

2013-11-06T08:00:00+00:00 By |Internet Marketing Training, Social Media Marketing Training, YouTube Video Training|

At Focus we are building the definitive manual for online marketing. It will incorporate offline elements, but will be mainly focused on helping the small business learn more about how to leverage the internet to bring business in the door. Unlike most "We just discovered the internet" internet marketing companies, we are building systems that [...]

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Social media for social media’s sake is getting pretty boring

2013-04-23T10:53:27+00:00 By |Social Media Marketing Training, YouTube Video Training|

This won't be a long post but I promise it is well worth reading. Social Media Self Love The industry of marketing has gone past the point of sanity when it comes to social media. For several years this phrase has been used to describe every possible facet of the online world. Even [...]

February 2013

Pheed Social Network – 5 Reasons Why I Love It

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Check out the Pheed Social Network Pheed Social Network - My quick review Awhile back I was introduced to the Pheed Social network. As soon as I joined I noticed there were things that jumped out at me that made me fall in love with it. While it is not as popular as [...]

Author Rank: How to Become an Expert and Not Lose Your Mind

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If you live (and love) in the world of content management, search engine optimization, or social media then you have probably seen a series of blog posts come out about a new topic: Google Author Rank. Google Plus with Patrick Allmond What is Author Rank Patrick? This is the (supposedly) new formula that [...]