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How To Thrive As a Professional Public Speaker

2017-02-19T17:17:25+00:00 By |Professional Public Speaker Training, YouTube Video Training|

(Note: This was originally a post in a private Facebook group we have for professional speakers. If you'd like access, click here) Happy Wednesday morning beautiful people. I was just reading a great story on chasing the next shiny object vs. building a long term business and I thought it was very appropriate for speakers. [...]

April 2014

What Makes You An Expert

2014-04-29T07:40:04+00:00 By |Professional Public Speaker Training, YouTube Video Training|

(The image above is of a good friend Laurie Guest of . She is a prime example of an expert not only in status/appearances but also in knowledge) Do you know what makes you an expert? It is not a college degree. It is not years of study. It is not a deep understanding [...]