February 2016

Build a Winning Brand People Can Trust

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Click here to read the original full article from ASI Central People will buy from you if they trust you. And one excellent way to build trust with clients and prospects is to educate and entertain them through an informative, routinely updated blog. That’s just one of the many new-age marketing and sales strategies that [...]

April 2014

November 2013

The 10 Irrefutable Laws of “Owning Your Empire”

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At Focus we are building the definitive manual for online marketing. It will incorporate offline elements, but will be mainly focused on helping the small business learn more about how to leverage the internet to bring business in the door. Unlike most "We just discovered the internet" internet marketing companies, we are building systems that [...]

February 2013

Pheed Social Network – 5 Reasons Why I Love It

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Check out the Pheed Social Network Pheed Social Network - My quick review Awhile back I was introduced to the Pheed Social network. As soon as I joined I noticed there were things that jumped out at me that made me fall in love with it. While it is not as popular as [...]

September 2012

Five Things You Can Do Right Now To Increase Website Traffic

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Getting More WordPress Traffic What is the best sign that you are making progress in the online marketing world? It should always be the number of conversions. And by conversion I am talking about two things: How many people signed up for your email list, and how many people checked out using your shopping cart. [...]

October 2011

September 2011

No email list? You are at a marketing disadvantage

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2011 marks the thirteenth year that Focus Consulting and Training has been in business. As I look back at all of the brilliant and less-than-brilliant moves I've made over the years, there is always one that sticks out. I wish I had started my email marketing list on day one of my business in November [...]

July 2011