February 2013

Author Rank: How to Become an Expert and Not Lose Your Mind

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If you live (and love) in the world of content management, search engine optimization, or social media then you have probably seen a series of blog posts come out about a new topic: Google Author Rank. Google Plus with Patrick Allmond What is Author Rank Patrick? This is the (supposedly) new formula that [...]

January 2013

3in5 Video: Online Reputation Management in Five Minutes

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Bad Reputation Joan Jett Have you ever wondered what those "Reputation Management" companies do? Reputation Management. This used to be about being cool with slicked back hair (if you were a guy). If you were a girl then you had to be concerned with how promiscuous you were. Let's fast forward to 2013 [...]

July 2011

Google Plus Training: 12 Things in 30 Seconds

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Have you been looking for REAL Google Plus Training that you trust? I must have signed up for Google Plus when they first announced a beta because I've never received an invite but I've used it since day one. For those of you that don't have it, and for those of you that just received [...]